Restaurant Review: La Pizza & La Pasta (Eataly at World Trade Center, NYC)

Official site:

Came here the week after Eataly downtown’s grand opening. I have to say that in many ways, this Eataly is far better than the one uptown. This is largely because it is crowded, but far less crowded than the uptown Eataly. Further, there were little to no lines or tourists. It was incredible. The uptown Eataly is a mad house, always packed and lines going around the store.

The views are also incredible. The World Trade Center area is slowly but surely entering completion and as the construction crews and cranes pull away, the area shows it’s undoubtedly beautiful appearance.

Now for the restaurant. The first thing you should know about La Pizza & La Pasta is that they don’t take reservations. First come first serve in this place. The wait was about forty minutes, which was fine since we walked around and looked at all the other stuff in the store.

The view is spectacular. Definitely get a window seat if you can.

Service was spotty, but they have only been open for a week so it was to be expected. Waiter was a nice guy though.

The food was fantastic. We both had the Tagliatelle con Ragu di Manzo. It’s just long noodles with brisket, Parmigiano Reggiano, and parsley in a tomato sauce. The brisket was pretty good, but those noodles were damn fresh. I don’t know if it was all in my head or if it was objectively true, but those noodles were some of the best I’ve ever had. I’m not sure I’ve had fresher. Just the right amount of chewiness.

Score: 7/10 Looking forward to coming back.


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