Movie Review: Finding Dory

I was fearful when I walked into this movie. I estimated this had a fifty-fifty shot of  being a good movie or a bad one. I mean Pixar made Up, but it also made the Cars movies. I am happy to report that this movie is another great one, even though I would really like another original property from Pixar instead of another sequel.

The premise is this: Dory, a fish with a short term memory problem, begins to remember an older memory of her family which she forgot. She thus goes on an adventure with Nemo and friends to try and find her old family.

This is a mostly funny movie with some very sad and happy moments that may move your to tears. With that said, the makers of this film have clearly tried to make a more lighthearted film in comparison to movies like Up. There are far more funny scenes than emotional scenes. Bring a handkerchief just in case though.

Speaking of jokes, I enjoyed pretty much every joke they threw at the audience. It’s a cute kind of funny, which was fun.

While all of the characters are funny and great, the one that needs to be discussed is Hank the octopus. Ed O’Neill portrays the proper combination of depressing and manic, yet hopeful and moral. I loved Hank and enjoyed every scene he was in.

Score: 7.8/10 Great film with some heart.


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