Restaurant Review: PokeWave

Details: Located at 135-27 Roosevelt Ave., Flushing, NY 11354. Couldn’t find an official site.

Been hanging out with a friend in Flushing a lot recently. Flushing is nice because it’s relatively cheap Asian food without the tourists. The only downside is periodically getting shoved by Chinese immigrants. And the smell. Expect more reviews of restaurants from Flushing.

Anyways, despite the explosion of Poke across Manhattan, I still have yet to try it. That changed recently when I visited PokeWave, a seemingly new poke spot in the heart of Flushing.

If you don’t know what poke is, it’s a Hawaiian dish where they mix raw fish (like tuna or salmon) with other ingredients and sauces, usually in a bowl. It’s like sushi, but in a bowl with toppings and more sauce.

I ordered the “Big Island,” which raw tuna with sauce, cilantro, scallions and onions. I also had the Yum Yum onigiri, which was a rice ball filled with braised pork belly and egg. They were both okay.

Score: 6/10 I can see myself ordering this for lunch at work, but I probably wouldn’t have this any other time. It’s simply fast food sushi that’s fresher because they assemble the bowl of poke on the spot, rather than letting it sit there on display.


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