Restaurant Review: Gu Shine Taiwanese Restaurant

Details: Located at 135-38 39th Ave, New York, 11354. Couldn’t find an official website.

Before talking about Gu Shine, we first need to discuss the restaurant located at 135-25 40th Rd, Flushing, NY 11354. This place is known by many names like 66 Lu’s Seafood Restaurant according to google, 66 Prince Restaurant according to yelp, and just plain 66 according to my friends. It’s been open for at least a decade. Unfortunately, we were walking by the place and saw that it closed. In it’s place a pharmacy will arise, and that is just depressing. 66 was one of the only two main Taiwanese restaurants left in Flushing and with its closing, that leaves only Gu Shine.

There are a number of things to look forward to at Gu Shine. You could get the lunch boxes, which only sell during lunch times. These generally have a main meat component with sides, rice and a soup. The sides vary, but it’s usually some kind of vegetable. Some examples of the meat portion are pork cutlet, chicken cutlet, braised beef, and fish.

If you come at dinner, they have a deal where they serve two main dishes and a soup for twenty five dollars (at least at the time this was written). You can add dishes for eleven dollars a piece. It’s a family style affair. There are a large number of dishes to choose from. Two of my favorites are the shrimp with egg and the diced spicy chicken with peanuts. The soup I usually get is the clam soup. It has heavy ginseng and is great if you’re feeling under the weather.

Lastly, you can just order directly off the menu instead of looking for their specials. I most often see people ordering the beef with spicy pepper. They also sell the chicken cutlet, pork cutlet, and a number of other over-rice dishes around the clock. They also have the classic Taiwanese dishes, like stinky tofu and the oyster omelet.

Score: 8/10 I love this place, and with the closing of 66, this is the only Taiwanese game left in town. If you’re craving some home style Taiwanese food, then this is the place.


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