TV Show Review: South Park Season Twenty Episode One

I think the biggest problem with the last season of South Park was that the subject matter felt dated. I don’t know if there was a delay or if they just took too long writing episodes, but last season was not good. The issues touched upon occurred way before the relevant episode, leaving to a lot of episodes which I just did not care about. One of South Park’s main draws is to touch upon controversies that are immediately relevant. If the first episode of this season is any indication, then South Park is back on track and back on schedule because all the issues addressed were recent and very funnily addressed.

There were a ton of issues touched upon here, such as the presidential election, trolling on the internet, kneeling at the national anthem in protest, and J.J. Abrams constant rebooting of everything. What I love about South Park is its commentary on how ridiculous current events are and to take those events and dial them up to eleven in terms of ridiculousness. It was a really funny episode and I’m looking forward to how plot threads planted in this episode will play out in the rest of the season.

Score: 7.7/10


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