TV Show Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine Seasons One, Two, and Three

Details: About to start its fourth season. Airs on the Fox network. It’s a single-camera, comedic sitcom. That means no audience or laugh track.

I was not a fan of Andy Samberg. I felt like his kind of humor was overacted and I definitely did not want to watch a cop sitcom that seemed to be all about that kind of humor. However, I was at a friends house and he let an episode play on the television for some background noise. Surprisingly, I thought it was great. A couple of days of  binge watching three seasons of this show and I am now a bona fide fan looking forward to season four.

The premise is this: Jake Peralta (played by Samberg) is a star detective in a NYPD precinct and we follow the adventures and misadventures of him and the rest of the detectives at this precinct.

The cast is fantastic. In season one, you could feel that they were getting used to each other and how to play off one another. It was still a great season though. Subsequent seasons let the cast and writers go further with the humor in the way befitting a show that’s been renewed for more seasons. We explore each character further and learn about the hilarious/ridiculous history behind each character. I’d like to name some specific person, but each character is just that good and they all get their time to shine.

Score: 7.3/10 It’s been a while since I’ve had a sitcom to look forward too. Brooklyn Nine-Nine fills that spot and I can’t wait for more episodes.


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