Comic Book Review: Civil War II (2016) #5

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The newest issue of Marvel’s big summer, comic book event has come out and boy was it a doozy. I was getting ready to write off the whole thing because I found a lot of it a little lackluster, but the ending to this issue was such a twist. I’ll get to that ending later.

First, let’s go through the rest of the issue. In this issue you’ve got your standard super hero battle. Iron Man has assembled a bunch of Marvel superheroes to fight against Captain Marvel’s bunch of superheroes. Much like Captain America: Civil War, they give each of the well known Marvel heroes a chance to pull a cool move and say something witty. No one really gets too much focus unfortunately. Something I found interesting was the heroes that were consciously left out of the battle, namely Daredevil, Peter Parker Spider-Man, and Hawkeye. The best part was still that ending.




So near the end of the battle, Ulysses — the mutant who everyone is fighting over because he can see the future — has a vision and sends it to everyone in the battle of Miles Morales Spider-Man in front of a crumbling White House and standing over the dead body of Captain America who has been impaled with a pole. The conclusion everyone reaches, including Miles Morales, is that Miles has killed Captain America in the vision. This stops all the fighting and Captain Marvel arrests a crying Miles Morales, who just cannot believe he would do such a thing.

It was an amazing moment for a few reasons. Firstly, unbeknownst to the other characters but known to readers keeping up with Captain America, Captain America was changed by the Cosmic Cube and is now incredibly evil. Cap’ has in fact murdered and attempted to murder a number of characters in his own series. So, while the idea of Miles murdering Captain America is almost inconceivable to all the characters present, the reader knows that since Cap’ is evil, this might very well be a vision of the future that will come to pass. Cap’ might try to pull some massive evil plan and the person who stops him is Miles Morales. It’s definitely some food for thought and creates hype for future issues of Captain America and Miles Morales.

Secondly, the inclusion of Miles Morales into the center of Civil War II adds a lot to the miniseries. Miles Morales may be one of the most publicized (because he’s a black Spider-Man) and well known characters in the Marvel Universe, but it wasn’t clear why he was even part of Civil War II, especially considering that Peter Parker is not involved. Well it’s clear now that Miles was involved all for this moment. A potential future has occurred where Miles kills America’s most beloved hero and none of the characters know what they should do. Personally, I think the events of the vision will very likely come to pass; Cap’ will execute his evil plan to destroy the country and Miles will kill him to save the country, realizing the true motivations behind the vision.




In regards to the art, it’s great. I love David Marquez’s work in Iron Man and Ultimate Spider-Man and I still love it now.

Score: 6/10 Not a lot of progression in this issue except for the ending. Great ending though.


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