Comic Book Review: Mighty Thor (2015) #11

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So I haven’t been reading this series religiously, but I do come by and take a peak periodically. In the last issue I read, Jane Foster (Thor’s long time love interest) has been chosen by Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, and Jane has become Thor. Jane also has life threatening cancer and turning into Thor cancel any effects chemotherapy might have in saving her life. So we get a dying, female Thor, and the series is refreshing and new in a way it has never been.

More recently, Thor has picked a fight with the Roxxon Corporation and Roxxon has allied with a number of evil people, including Malekith, a villain from past Thor stories. I’m not really sure what happened in between the issues I’ve read, but it seems S.H.I.E.L.D. has been investigating the new Thor’s secret identity and that has come to a head in this issue.

Thor needs to fight Roxxon and at the same time maintain her secret identity and she does in an interesting fashion.



So a copy of the sickly Jane Foster appears next to Jane Foster-Thor and the reader is now supremely confused. Does Thor has the ability to create a copy of herself? An illusions? Or is Jane an alternate personality of Thor in the same way and Donald Blake was to the old Thor? Well, it turns out that the copy of Jane foster was none other than Mjolnir itself. Apparently, the hammer has been sentient this whole time and turned into Jane Foster in order to maintain her secret identity. The Jane Foster copy turns back into the hammer and we are all left wondering what the hell just happened? The issue ends with Jane Foster being zapped away apparently by the hammer. The preview suggests that the true origins of the hammer will be explained next issue. Oh, and Thor defeats Roxxon and saves the day.



Dauterman’s art is great as always and perfect for the fantastical story of Thor. The flow of the panels keeps up with the chaotic flow of the narrative and helps keep the tone of the story.

Score: 6.4/10 Interesting issue. Telling the story of Thor from a sickly Jane Foster’s perspective has been an interesting twist on the old mythos. Next issue, we likely get to learn about another piece of previously undisclosed Thor history.


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