TV Show Review: Star Wars Rebels Season Three Episode One

Damn, Ezra. You got real scary.

Star Wars Rebels returns with an hour long special and it was all right. I mean they pretty much just took care of all the scary possibilities set up at the end of last season and returned everything to the status quo. The only real, lasting change is Ezra’s haircut and that he’s grown taller.

In this episode, Ezra is made the team leader for the next mission and leads the crew to steal some Y-Wings. We get introduced to Admiral Thawn. It’s mostly just set up for the rest of the season. No major developments really.

I do like exploration of the force and the relationship between the Jedi and the Sith. That was only briefly touched upon though.

Score: 5.4/10 I imagine that the best is yet to come. I hope that the best is yet to come. This episode just felt like a preface towards answering all the questions and plot threads left by last season.


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