Comic Book Review: Captain America: Steve Rogers (2016) #5

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As expected, all of Marvel’s comic series’ are now abandoning their independent plot lines and tying in to the Civil War II mini-series event. However, considering the big twist that occurred in Civil War II #5, I was very much anticipating this issue and boy, were there some reveals.

If you haven’t been keeping up with Civil War II or Captain America: Steve Rogers let me give you a quick and dirty summary. Captain America has had his entire history rewritten by a newly sentient cosmic cube, an object that had the power to alter reality. Instead of being a patriot, he is now and has always been a secret Hydra Agent who has infiltrated the superhero community. Around the time his past was rewritten, an inhuman named Ulysses has awoken his powers and has the ability to see disasters before they happen. Now the superhero community is at arms against one another as they try and decide whether it’s okay to use this power to stop crimes and arrest people before the crimes occur.

When Captain America first learns of this inhuman, he puts a hold on all current Hydra operations. He is afraid that Ulysses will not only reveal Hydra, but his own status as a secret Hydra agent. We learn that the person who sets up Bruce Banner to turn into the Hulk again and gets Bruce killed was none other than Captain America. We see that Captain America also tries to kill Ulysses, only to be preempted by Iron Man who we know tries to kidnap Ulysses in the Civil War II #2.

Lastly and most interestingly, we see him face the vision we saw at the end of Civil War II #5: Spider-Man (the Miles Morales one) will end up impaling and killing Captain America. At least that’s what the vision showed. What’s great about this scene is that no one knows Captain America is evil now so they assume that Miles Morales is in the wrong and they arrest Miles. Captain America on the other hand, must figure out a way to prevent this future from occurring. As we know from the Civil War II comics, these vision can and are likely meant to alter the future. The only question now is just what the heck is Cap’ going to do to prevent this future. Will he try killing Ulysses again? Will he try killing Miles Morales? Or will he continue with his plans and end up getting impaled through his chest? We can only speculate.

Score: 7/10


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