TV Show Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Four Episode Two “Meet the New Boss”

Another cool episode for Agents of SHIELD. In this episode, we learn a number of fun things. We learn about Roberto Reyes past. It still isn’t clear if he is actually possessed by a ghost or if he was just enhanced some other way. Considering that Doctor Strange is coming out soon, I’m guessing he actually made a deal with the devil despite the skepticism from other characters in the show.

We learn about the new director of SHIELD, Jeffrey Mace. I did a little internet research on who Mace is and it turns out that Mace at one point was Captain America in comic history. Prior to that he was known as the Patriot, one of America’s superheroes that fought in World War II. I don’t know how much of that history will show up in the show, but Mace does appear to be an enhanced individual. It’s unclear whether it’s because he’s an inhuman, or super soldier, or that he was enhanced through some other method.

And the last main point revealed was that Roberto, the Ghost Rider, plays a much more prominent role in this season and is somehow tied to everything. This is great because I was worried he may have just been a guest star for one episode (like a monster of the week) and not have a recurring role for the rest of the season. It also seems like they’ve made some alterations to Roberto’s comic book history in that he wasn’t related to any scientists before or to any evil corporation. Also, in the comics he made a deal with a demon/ghost, not the devil himself. Here, it seems like his deal was directly with the devil. We’ll see how things play out.

Score: 6/10


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