Comic Book Review: Invincible Iron Man (2015) #14

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Normally I hate when comic books try to into the big universe spanning annual miniseries, but this issue did it right. If you’re unaware, Marvel’s annual big comic book event, Civil War II, is happening right now and a large number of their existing books are putting out issues that relate to it.

In this issue, Iron Man feels the pressure of what is going on in Civil Wars II and decides that he needs to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting because he feels the urge to drink again. While there he meets Captain Marvel, whom I did not know also has a drinking problem. The two step outside and exchange a heart to heart.

It’s stories like these that I enjoy the most in superhero or science fiction stories. Some real character development. The conversation between these two reveal a number of things from their history and the current state of their relationship.

This issue also continues to show the weakness of the whole conflict. The crux of the conflict in Civil War II is between Captain Marvel and Iron Man and they even spend many issues of Civil War II trying to build to this conflict. It’s just hard to believe that these two heroes would turn on each other so quickly and be willing to kill and die in order to fight for such a flimsy ideal. This whole thing could be easily resolved if they just worked together, which would likely be what would happen if Marvel didn’t need to put out another summer comic book event every year. It’s just too manufactured a story which deals with ideas that have been gone over ad nauseum in other science fiction stories (Minority Report comes to mind).

Score: 6/10


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