Restaurant Review: Picnic Garden

Located at 14742 Northern Blvd, Flushing, NY 11354.

A lot of Korean barbecue connoisseurs I’ve talked to regarding Picnic Garden generally argue that the meat here is substandard. They’ve told me you can get better higher quality stuff elsewhere, and they’re probably right. However, I can honestly say that I have never walked out of this restaurant unsatisfied with the meal I’ve had here.

Picnic Garden is an all you can eat Korean barbecue restaurant. For around thirty dollars (it’s about forty if you include tax and tip) you get to eat your fill of Korean style meats like bulgogi, galbi, etc. They also have some appetizers like a fried fish, spicy chicken wings, and kimbop among other things. It’s worth noting that the kinds of meat they have differ depending whether your here at a weekday for lunch or any other time. If your here during weekday lunches, they will charge you less, but won’t provide the more expensive meats.

This place is almost always packed, especially during peak hours. Accordingly, the service you get from waiters and waitress is less than what you’d get at higher end Korean barbecue places. For instance, normally, the waiter will cook the meat for you because it is part of the service and because you may not be able to cook the meat to ideal done-ness as well as the waiter can. At Picnic Garden, they will try to cook it for you, but generally are so busy you end up cooking it yourself. Plus, they aren’t as good or as attentive when it comes to cooking meat. It’s part of the price of having all you can eat Korean barbecue. Normally, it’s not meant to be all you can eat.

Regardless, every time I’ve been here has been a good time. It’s just fun to do communal eating with some friends, to cook together and to decide on what to eat together.

Score: 7.8/10 Always fun to come here, regardless of the quality of the meat in comparison to other Korean barbecue establishments. Since it’s all you can eat, you obviously won’t walk away hungry. You will smell like Korean barbecue for days though. The dining room at Picnic Garden is sort of a giant, Korean meat smoker.


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