Comic Book Review: Doctor Strange (2015) #12

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While All-Star Batman is my current number one comic book being released right now, Doctor Strange is a close second. I had my doubts since this movie obviously is meant to hype up the Doctor Strange movie coming out and vice versa. However, Bachalo’s art elevates this story far above the other Marvel books being released right now.

The premise for the last few stories is this: a group from another dimension that worships science has been traveling across the dimensions to destroy all magic and they’ve now reached our dimension and only Doctor Strange can stop them. Doctor Strange subsequently defeats them but a large part of the world’s magic is destroyed. Now  he must make his way in this new world with a substantial portion of the world’s magic gone and his powers gone.

This isn’t a sad or desperate story. This is a fun story and a introduction to the character. It was unfortunate to see no acknowledgement from what happened in Secret Wars, but it’s nice to see a fun Doctor Strange story. The only downside is the similarities between how this hero acts and how Tony Stark acts. I hope in Marvel’s efforts to make Doctor Strange mainstream, they don’t turn every other hero into a variation of Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark. It was also fun to see Doctor Strange interact with the rest of the magical community in the Marvel Universe.

Without a doubt, the best part of this book is the art. Bachalo’s art is, as always, fluid, exciting and fun. Not only are the actions fast and frenetic, Bachalo manages to adds energy and dynamism into scenes where people are just walking and talking.

Score: 7.8/10


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