Restaurant Review: Tianjin Dumpling House

Details: Located at Golden Mall, 41-28 Main St., Flushing, NY 11355.

Came here with a friend. I’ve eaten in the mall before, but I generally hate eating in such a cramped, dirty basement. He didn’t care and wanted dumplings anyways.

There are many other establishments in here, mostly hand pulled noodle and hotpot places. Tianjin is just a dumpling and cold dishes place though. They have a variety of boiled dumplings priced at five to six dollars for twelve dumplings. For the most part, boiled dumplings generally taste the same regardless of what’s in them. Just meat and vegetables mostly in these dumplings.

The other thing they do here are the cold side dishes. They have things like tofu, pig ears, pig tongue, sausage, some kind of organ and some other stuff I can’t recall. A lot of it is drenched in the same spicy, numbing red oil. I generally love this stuff, even though it gives me indigestion. This is still true despite my dislike of spicy food. The spicy oil isn’t too spicy and the numbing effect is just mild enough to enjoy.

As for service and ambiance… well its a basement, with stools, broken tiles, and all manned by a single person behind the counter. There are other people there, but mainly one person does all the work of interacting with customers.

Score: 6/10 In regards to ordering, the menu hangs off a wall and is written in English. As for the cold dishes, you can just point at them as they are on display.


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