Restaurant Review: Burger & Lobster

Details: Located at 39 West 19th St., New York, NY 10011. Official site is

Burger & Lobster. It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a restaurant that serves only burgers and lobster. It’s a short menu They let you put some lobster on your burger or they put the lobster onto a roll (lobster roll). You could just get a lobster. You could just get a burger. Or, you could put lobster on your burger. They also have fries and salad for side dishes.

The main thing that they seem to encourage is the one pound lobster with a six ounce burger for $33. It comes with fries, a small salad and a saucer of lemon herb butter. While I would love to expound upon how they put some unique twist on burgers and lobsters, they did not. It’s just a pretty good burger with a lobster, either steamed or grilled.

Despite the straightforward nature of the food, I was very happy eating here. I love burgers. I love lobster. Put them together and I am a happy camper. There’s something to be said for just giving a person what they want, all on the same plate.

Our group generally just ordered the lobster and burger for $33. A friend got a lobster roll, which was good. The food wasn’t extraordinary, it was just good.

The space was fairly large and roomy.

The service was fine.

Score: 7/10  Additionally, I ate the whole saucer of butter they gave. I dipped my lobster in it, I dipped my burger in it, and I dipped my fries in it. At the end, the saucer ran dry.


3 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Burger & Lobster

    • elliot October 17, 2016 / 9:20 pm

      Really? I liked it very much.

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