Comic Book Review: Infamous Iron Man (2016) #1

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Something that I hold against Marvel is their decision to shelve the Fantastic Four line likely due to the fact they do not own the movie rights to the Fantastic Four franchise. They don’t want to cross promote and put money into someone else’s pocket. Which I understand, but the Fantastic Four has been a pillar of the Marvel Universe and I wish very much to see the whole family back in their own book again.

Almost as a consolation prize, Marvel has been sprinkling the remaining noteworthy characters of the Fantastic Four through out other stories and titles, like the Thing in Guardians of the Galaxy and the Human Torch in the Inhumans books. Which brings us to this story; Doctor Doom is now Iron Man, or at least one of the Iron Man.

This issue takes place after the events of Civil War II. It doesn’t go into what happened to Tony Stark, but Tony Stark is gone. Since the end of the Secret Wars events, Doom has been trying to rectify his evil ways and right the wrongs he committed in the past. In light of Stark’s absence and Doom’s new desire to do good, Doom picks up the mantle of Iron Man and starts his own super hero career.

Doom is an interesting character in that he’s one of if not the most powerful person in the Marvel Universe. He has mastered both science and magic, and if you’d read Secret Wars you’d know, there is no being that he is incapable of besting. Well, except Reed Richards.

So this first issue is an interesting read. It is nothing more than a jumping off point to explore an evil character gone good. Part of my interest also comes from my longing to see the Fantastic Four again. Perhaps if this issues sees some success, Marvel will recognize the errors of their ways and brings back their first family.

Score: 6.5/10


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