Comic Book Review: Captain America: Steve Rogers (2016) #6

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Captain America: Steve Rogers has been a lot more interesting than I had thought it would be. Similarly to when Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne took over for Batman and Robin, this series continues to surprise and intrigue.

If you haven’t been following, Captain America is evil now and had his entire history rewritten by the now sentient Cosmic Cube. The most recent issues have taken us through the new origin of Captain America as well as his navigation through current events like Civil War II.

It’s fascinating to see that evil Captain America approaches situations with the same fervor and devotion that he had when he was good… just with more evil. Evil Cap’s started out his life as the same scrawny kid as good Cap’. He overcomes and devotes himself the same as before. And it’s hard not to respect and admire this new Captain America when you see that he is willing to die for his beliefs, even if they are evil beliefs.

Score: 6/10 A fascinating what-if kind of story that explores another take on Captain America.


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