Comic Book Review: Batman (2016) #10

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I think a lot of people forget that a big aspect of the Batman is that he is a leader. His books are often times a team book. He leads the Justice League, he leads the Bat Family, and in this issue, he leads a team of bad guys.

It’s a necessary aspect for the evolution of Batman. So many stories have explored Bruce Wayne, so much so that they we’ve had to tell and retell his past over and over again. The allies and villains then, are essential in continuing that narrative and the exploration of Batman’s world.

In this issue, Batman has assembled a squad of bad guys from Arkham Asylum in hopes of breaking into Bane’s prison and kidnapping Psycho Pirate. Psycho Pirate seems to be the only person who can help Gotham Girl, another new ally in Batman’s world.

The most interesting part for me are the hints dropped on what made Catwoman the most dangerous villain in Arkham Asylum. Apparently, she killed 237 terrorists in cold blood, earning her a death sentence by lethal injection. Batman intervenes and recruits her to his team, but it still isn’t fully explained how she came to be a mass murderer. I’m looking forward to that reveal.

Score: 5/10 An interesting, though unoriginal Batman story. Batman’s had many, many teams in the past and the dynamics involved in this team have yet to be fully explored. The most attractive aspect of this story is the possibility of Batman having his own suicide squad.


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