Comic Book Review: The Unworthy Thor (2016) #1

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Coipel and Thor, together again. Coipel is one of those artists that if I see a book by them on the shelf, I’ll just buy it. It doesn’t even matter what it is. Seeing him draw Thor, one of the best series that he’s ever been on, is just a cherry on top.

In this first issue, we find Thor fighting to reclaim his power. Thor is no longer worthy to carry Mjolnir and without that hammer, he posses but a fraction of the power he once had. Futher, the way that Thor became unworthy also seems to have affected him psychologically, weakening him both in physical power and in mental fortitude. Thor is now a weak man. He still has the strength of an Asgardian, but he is no longer the unstoppable force he once was.

This all started back in Original Sin. Nick Fury whispered something in Thor’s ear, thus making him unworthy of wielding the hammer Mjolnir. Readers have waited years, but Marvel has yet to reveal what was actually said. One of the key draws of this series is that maybe we will finally find out what Fury said and what took away Thor’s powers.

Score: 6/10 Coipel’s art needs no explanation. It’s great. I’m really looking forward to Jason Aaron revealing what Fury said and hopefully a big reveal further exploring and redefining the character of Thor.



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