Comic Book Review: The Walking Dead #160

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The Walking Dead comic book is really boring. It feels like all the excitement was sucked out of this book and regurgitated in the television show. It definitely feels like Kirkman’s attention is focused there.

I remember when I first started reading this series. Every subsequent arc brought something new and unforeseeable. It showed you the depths of human depravity. Deeper and deeper the hole of depression and hopelessness went, and the deeper the sadness of the narrative, the stronger the core characters became.

This is what I felt until the television show came out. Now the book feels like a shell of it’s former self. There are too many characters, to the point where the deaths of main characters don’t really feel all that sad anymore. There was also this sense of isolation and impending doom that wasn’t there before. Now Rick and crew are part of a big, new world with lots of neighbors and allies. It’s just… not horror anymore. It’s not a psychological exploration of the human condition. It feels more like Kirkman is simply testing ideas here that he can use in his television show, which just depresses me.

Which leads me to the following conclusion: Kirkman should end the Walking Dead comic book. He won’t, because the comic book cross promotes with the television show, but he should. He recently announced that he was ending his book, Invincible, because the story had run its course. He had told all the stories he wanted to tell and there wasn’t much else to add. Which is great. It feels like the Walking Dead is in the same situation. He should just end the book and focus of television.

Oh, and if you need a synopsis of the story, Rick’s army is fighting the Whisperers and the Whisperers attack a city. That’s about it.

Score: 5/10 This story arc lacks the weight of past story arcs. This book feels like a book that has gone beyond its expiration date.


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