Restaurant Review: Mu Ramen

Details: Located at 1209 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101.Official site is

Warning: this place only takes cash. They have an ATM on the premises for this purpose. They also don’t take reservations.

Had the hankering again for ramen so I looked up Mu Ramen. I think this place is run by a couple and that they both work in the restaurant. The wife handles the front of the house while the husband handles the back.

First thing you notice is the space. It’s got one room with at most about twenty seats. There is a bar with around five seats and a long table in the middle which seats the rest of the patrons. It’s got a kind of communal feeling, so be prepared to be in other people’s faces.

I ordered the Shoyu ramen (clear duck based ramen with shoyu, spinach, menma, and nevi). It was extremely oily, but tasty. The primary thing about the food here is that it is on the more expensive side compared to other ramen places. They have a bunch of interesting looking side dishes that I did not partake in. Again, it’s pricey and when I go to a ramen place, I want ramen. I don’t care to pay an unknown amount for a bowl of sushi or fifteen dollars for two chicken wings, even if you put a little foie gras in them. If I wanted sushi I’d go to a sushi place and if I wanted foie gras I’d go to a french restaurant.

Service was very friendly.

Score: 5.6/10 Okay place, but I wouldn’t recommend this place for ramen. If you feel like throwing money away and getting sushi, ramen, and foie gras stuffed chicken wings, then you should come here. If you wanted a bowl of ramen that you felt was worth the price in comparison to other, comparable ramen places, then go somewhere else.


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