Restaurant Review: 66 Lu’s Seafood Restaurant

Details: Located at 135-25 40th Road, Flushing, NY 11354. Official site is

A while back I wrote a review for Gu Shine as one of the last authentic Taiwanese restaurants in Flushing. That was prompted by the closing of 66 Lu’s Seafood. Looks like I spoke too soon because that restaurant did not close, it simply moved locations. Accordingly, I guess I’ll write a review for it.

66 Lu’s Seafood is an authentic Taiwanese restaurant which does a lot of things right. You can order their more authentic dishes, which I don’t think would be all that appetizing to a Western palate. However, when I go here, I generally have a few go to dishes. They’re the ones a Western palate will likely enjoy.

First and foremost, the pork chop over rice is easily the number one dish here. It comes with a braised egg, vegetables, pickled vegetables, a fried pork chop, and meat sauce over your rice. My second choice is then the beef, tomato over rice. Then you get the classic Taiwanese snack like the oyster pancake with eggs, oyster with thin noodles, and the deep fried stinky tofu. It’s all really good. Most of these dishes are less than ten dollars, which is nice.

The interior is smaller than their former location. I’m not sure most people even know they moved.

The service isn’t great, but the food makes it worth dealing with.

Score: 6.7/10 Love this place, even though I don’t like their bedside manner.


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