Restaurant Review: Bravo Pizza

Details: Located at 6 East 42nd St., New York, NY 10017. Official site is

The first thing you get when you walk into this place is that it is meant for tourists. This place is located on 42nd Street and across the street from Bryant Park, prime tourist location.

Slices are generally around five dollars. I don’t know what a regular slice costs because I never ordered one. I’ve only pointed at what they have on display.

I think I ordered a bacon and pineapple, a meat lovers, a grandma slice (if that is the rectangle one with a lot of sauce and cheese sprinkled over it), and something else with bacon. The grandma slice was good. The rest of their pizza tastes a whole lot like Pizza Hut actually, and I like Pizza Hut pizza so that’s good. I can see how many would have a problem with that because when you want local, New York pizza, you do not want Pizza Hut.

Additionally, they tried to give me a gold coin in lieu of a dollar bill, which turned out to be a Canadian coin, which is worthless in America. Nice try Bravo Pizza. If you plan on going here, count your money. People are always trying to lie, cheat, and nickle n’ dime you every chance they get. I asked for the coin to be exchanged and got proper, legal tender like I was supposed to.

Score: 5.5/10 Pretty good, but mostly because I like pizza that tastes like Pizza Hut. They lost points for trying to give me fake/worthless money.


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