Restaurant Review: Black Iron Burger

Details: I went to their holiday stall in Bryant Park. The official website is  Here is the official directory for all holiday stall at Bryant Park:

Without saying too much about myself, I work around Bryant Park. This time of year, the ice skating rink opens up along with all the holiday stalls. Accordingly, I plan on writing some reviews for the food stalls. Most of these stalls have brick and mortar locations elsewhere and that is true for the first place I visited, Black Iron Burger.

I ordered the Black Iron burger (beef patty, horseradish cheddar, carmelized white onions, and horseradish mayo; $9) with loaded fries (horseradish mayo I think with bacon bits on top; $7). The burger was pretty good as were the fries. Really, it was that horseradish mayo that was amazing.

I should mention that when a coworker asked for lettuce, tomato, and onions on his Black Iron Burger and they wouldn’t let him have it. Instead, they recommended he get the classic burger if he wanted those things. Instead, he compromised by asking for the Classic burger and paid extra for the horseradish mayo. Just kind of a round about way to get a burger which didn’t make any sense since it all cost about the same anyways.

Score: 6/10 It was a good burger. I think it was worth it. Just brace yourself for a hassle if you want the Black Iron burger with lettuce, tomato, pickles, or onions. They just can’t figure out how to put those ingredients on a burger not named the Classic.


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