Restaurant Review: Waffles & Dinges

Details: I went to the holiday stall in Bryant Park, on the south side of the park. The official site is

Waffles & Dinges has become another New York City institution. They have locations all over the bottom half of Manhattan and that’s not even counting that flashy food truck.

I walked over during my lunch break and decided to buy a waffle. Waffles & Dinges sell Belgian style waffles, which to my untrained eye look like American waffles. You can get toppings like whipped cream, chocolate, ice cream, etc.

I ordered De Throwdown Waffle, which is a waffle that’s topped with speculoos spread (it’s cookie butter or mashed cookies with fat and sugar), whipped cream, and cookie crumble sprinkled over it. Apparently, this waffle beat Bobby Flay in a throw down.

It was fine. The main thought that ran through my head as I ate this was, “I just paid about ten dollars for a waffle.” I could’ve made this for less than a dollar. It was good… just not worth it. I also felt the sugar hit me like a truck. Man o’ man was this thing sweet.

Score: 5/10 I can’t see myself ordering this ever again. At least not for myself.


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