Restaurant Review: Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Details: I went to the one near Rockerfeller Center in New York City, but there are lots of locations all over the city. Official site is

So I’ve reviewed a number of fast casual burger places and it’s about time to review this place. Five Guys is burger and fries place that also serves hot dogs. The main difference between this place and the others in New York City are that they serve boxes of peanuts for free, many of the toppings are free (not bacon), and the style of their fries is a little different.

When I come here, I normally order a cheeseburger all the way (has all of their free toppings) and an order of their fries, either Cajun or regular. The burger is about as good as a Shake Shack burger or slightly worse. The fries however, are probably the best fries out of all fast casual burger places in this price range. They are thick cut and fried as their ordered. You can get some Cajun spices sprinkled onto it or just have the regular old salt. What I love about Five Guys is that after they put your order into a brown paper bag, they then take a scoop of more fries and dump it into the bag. This turns the bag into a greasy mess, but it’s nice that they give you more than enough fries than is necessary. Normally, I have trouble polishing off a regular sized order of fries.

The price for a cheese burger all the way and an order of regular fries is around fifteen dollars. That puts the price at just about the same range as Shake Shack.

So which is better? Shake Shack or Five Guys? I would say that Shake Shack has slightly better hamburgers, while Five Guys has far better fries. So, either is all right depending on what your feeling.

Score: 6.5/10


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