Restaurant Review: Taipei Hong

Details: 136-55 Roosevelt Ave., Unit D, Flushing, NY 11354. The entrance is inbetween a bubble tea place and a Chinese skewer place. You have to go in and just walk straight to the back. It’s at the end. I couldn’t find an official site, so here’s there Yelp page:

A while back I wrote that Gu Shine and 66 Lu’s Seafood Restaurant were the only Taiwanese restaurants in Flushing. I was very wrong.

From what I can tell, Taipei Hong used to be in one of the food courts along Main Street. It later moved to its current location on Roosevelt Ave. It’s a small, dirty place with a few tables inside. Don’t expect a romantic ambiance.

They serve a lot of classic Taiwanese things, like the stinky tofu, Taiwanese style popcorn chicken, and Taiwanese style bento lunches. The one thing they serve that most other Taiwanese places don’t have is the Gua Bo, which is just pork belly in a soft bun with various toppings, usually peanuts.

I ordered the pork chop over rice for seven dollars and a pork belly bun for three dollars. Considering the price of the pork belly bun, it was pretty good. Baohaus sells each of these things for more so this was a pretty great deal. The pork chop over rice was also pretty good. They fried the pork chop was fried the same way as their popcorn chicken and tasted like a big popcorn chicken piece, except it was pork. The pork chop was smoking hot when it was given to me and I nearly burned myself. The pork chop came with some fish cakes, meat sauce over the rice, sour/pickled vegetables, some string beans, a slice of egg (literally a slice of cooked egg) and some clear noodles. It was all pretty good.

66 Lu’s Seafood restaurant has the best Taiwanese style pork chop over rice in my opinion. This was good, but not as good. I’m looking forward to coming back and getting the braised pork belly over rice.

Score: 6.7/10


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