Restaurant Review: Sunrise Mart

Details: Located at 12 East 41st St., New York, NY 10017. The official site is

Sunrise Mart is specialty market for Japanese supermarket products. That means, drinks, snack, ingredients etc. This review is not for reviewing each individual product. This review is about the lunch boxes they make and prepare for the lunch rush every day.

While this place does make things to order like udon or a few rice dishes, the main reason I frequent this place is the pre-made lunch boxes. They make a variety of pre-made lunch boxes here like eel over rice, pork cutlet over, oyakodon, etc. It’s all Japanese type lunch boxes. They also have some sushi and other lunch boxes in a refrigerated display, but I prefer the hot lunch boxes that are not in the refrigerator that seem to be made daily. There are also smaller appetizers made daily like takoyaki and gyoza.

The main reason I like this place? It’s because I get some Japanese flavors for lunch in midtown Manhattan and I get them fast. Everything is already on display and ready to go. I just pick up a box and head to the register. The quality is also pretty good. Prices for lunch boxes are generally around $10.

Overall, a good place to grab lunch during the work day. I greatly prefer this place over Pret A Manger.

Score: 6.8/10


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