Movie Review: The Last: Naruto the Movie

Details: Released in 2015. About two hours long.

The Last: Naruto the Movie is the last Naruto movie, at least the last one starring Naruto and not his son, Boruto. Despite disliking all prior Naruto movies, I enjoyed this movie because, like Boruto, this movie is canon. This movie takes heavily from the main story arc from the manga and the television show and continues it.

The premise is this: the story takes place two years after the end of the television show and the manga. Naruto is now nineteen and the hero of the village. Bad ninjas come to the village and Naruto is assigned a squad along with Hinata as they try to stop the bad ninjas and save the world.

What I love about this movie, other than the fact that this is canon, is that it is mostly about Naruto and Hinata falling in love. When the epilogue of the manga and anime showed all the characters hooking up with all the other characters, it was so sudden that it just felt like Kishimoto (writer of Naruto) pulled all that crap right out of this ass. This film offers background and insight into the process of how Naruto moved away from Sakura and moved closer to Hinata in a way that the show and manga barely touched upon.

There is also that small thing of beating up the bad ninjas and saving the world. That was all pretty contrived and kind of a vehicle for exploring Naruto and Hinata’s relationship. It was also nice to see how Sakura played into the relationship and how her feelings have evolved.

There is a lot of action and all pretty fun watch. The final fight scene is particularly good.

Overall, a good movie with a meaningful ending that plays into the next movie, the one with Boruto, and which will likely play into the possible Boruto series that is rumored to be in development. Again, this movie and the Boruto movie are the only Naruto films that are actually canon. Accordingly, this film and the Boruto one are the only films I recommend.

Score: 7.5/10


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