Restaurant Review: Russ & Daughters

Details: Located at 179 E Houston St., New York, NY 10002. Official site is

After I had Katz’s the other day, I felt the desire for lox and bagels to go with my Jewish deli experience. Luckily, Russ & Daughters had a location about a block away.

This is a small location and more of a delicatessen than the full restaurant they have at the other location. The first thing on their menu was smoked salmon and cream cheese on a bagel for $12. I got an egg bagel (basically a yellow bagel) with scallion cream cheese and Gaspe Nova smoked salmon. I got some capers too for fifty cents extra.

It was good. It wasn’t that much different from any other bagel with smoked salmon I’ve had before. I don’t even know if the price was good or not. I’ve lived in New York City for so long I can’t tell if $12 for lox on a bagel is overpriced. So… I don’t know.

As an aside, they had a caviar with cream cheese mix they let me sample. I was curious because I’ve never seen caviar mixed with cream cheese before. It tasted all right. The proprietor let me know that the caviar was an inexpensive kind and that they wouldn’t blow expensive caviar by mixing it with cream cheese.

Score: 5.9/10


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