Restaurant Review: The Malt House, Financial District

Details: Located at 9 Maiden Ln., New York, NY 10038. Official site is

I came here on a Thursday night. It was pretty packed. I’m always surprised to see people out on a weeknight, but then again, Thursday is the new Friday.

I have no opinions on alcohol. If a connoisseur can’t tell the difference between expensive and cheap wine, how the hell am I supposed to be able to.

As for food, I ordered the Wagyu house blend burger (bacon, pesto aioli, tomatoes, lettuce, and choice of cheese) which came with fries for the price of $17. It was a pretty good burger, although pricey for a burger. The fries weren’t bad either.

I think the most important part of a bar like this is the energy and ambiance. It was lively with lots of people, music, televisions, and a separate area for people who wanted to sit and eat. Regardless of whether I liked the burger or not, it was a fun place to hang out.

The service people were nice.

Score: 6/10


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