Movie Review: Moonlight

Details: Almost two hours long. Released in 2016. Stars Mahershala Ali, Shariff Earp, and Duan Sanderson.

This was one of the movies this year that got a lot of Oscar buzz so I decided that I should probably watch it at some point. I watched the trailer, however, the trailer doesn’t truly go into what this movie is about.

The premise is this: a boy living in a bad neighborhood grows up and we get to watch it in three parts.

There is a big part of this movie which the trailer does not go into. It could be considered a spoiler, but I feel like it’s a big enough part of the film that you should be aware of it before entering the theater. While a large part of this film is about a young, black boy growing up in a bad neighborhood, an equally large part of this story is him learning about his sexuality and being a homosexual. This is in a large part a homosexual romance story.

There is no nudity in this film, unlike in Brokeback Mountain. The homosexuality is dealt dealt with fairly mildly. However, reality being what it is, I can see why something like that would make someone squeamish. Enough so that I felt it was important to disclose that. While there are times when spoilers ruin movies, I also feel like a movie goer should have some grasp of the movie they are walking into, especially if they aren’t going to get what they expect. I expected this to be largely a crime movie in addition to a coming of age tale. This was that, but homosexuality was an unexpectedly large part of it as well.

I can see why the producers would try to hide that. If I’m being completely honest, knowing that a film centers largely on homosexuality might make me not want to see it because I’m not homosexual. It’s a little difficult to relate. Which would be a shame because this wasn’t a bad movie. The movie does a good job of getting you to sympathize with it’s main character, even though his life is so different from my own. By the end of the film and despite his love for a gender I’m uninterested in, I was hoping the protagonist would find love and get some peace after all that he went through in the film.

Overall, an all right movie. I can understand why people may want to skip considering its unadvertised subject matter though.

Score: 6.7/10


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