Restaurant Review: Route 66 Smokehouse

Details: Located at 46 Stone St, New York, NY 10004. The official site is

I came here on a Friday night. It’s a large space with two floors, so while there few open tables downstairs, upstairs was practically empty. We sat upstairs.

Service was fine.

I ordered a half rack of the St. Louis style ribs with french fries for $19. The ribs were pretty good. Something that barbecue places often screw up is overcooking the ribs to the point where the meat falls off and you can just slide the bone out. To me, that is over cooked ribs. Any idiot can do that. Just leave the ribs in the smoker and forget about it. Here, the ribs were tender, but still had some grip on the bone. That’s the sign of a good rib to me.

Of note should be the size of the sides that come with orders of barbecue meats (or “from the pit” as it’s worded on the menu). I was a little annoyed we only got one side with our order… until I saw the size of my fries. It was huge. The apparent intent of the sides is that each person who orders a side should share it with their neighbors. If you order “from the pit,” be sure to order different sides from your fellow patrons so that you can all share in the variety of large-sized side dishes.

Overall, a decent place for barbecue which I’d recommend.

Score: 6.5/10


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