Restaurant Review: Taipan Bakery

Details: Two locations in Flushing and in Chinatown. The official site is

Taipan Bakery is a Taiwanese bakery that’s been around a very long time. There used to be more locations, but there are only two now.

You can get a variety of things here. There are the many  breads and pastries, such as egg tarts, hot dog buns, shredded pork and mayo bun, corn bun, etc. There are too many to name. You can also get coffee or tea. They also do cakes, which I haven’t had for while so I can’t speak as to their quality.

Breads range from around a dollar to a few dollars. Usually, I get a Danish hot dog bun, a curry beef pie, and a corn bun with a hot milk tea. The one thing that this place has that other Taiwanese bakeries don’t have (I’m looking at you Fay Da) is the Danish hot dog bun. It’s just a hot dog bun wrapped in a croissant instead of the normal squishy bun. I much prefer this type of hot dog bun though. The curry beef pie is simply wrapped in puff pastry. The corn bun has corn and ham mixed with mayo sitting on regular bun.

People… are pretty rude here. They don’t really have a grasp of the concept of queuing or respecting others’ personal space. I’ll leave it at that.

Overall, if you’re looking to try some baked goods from an Asian (or more specifically Taiwanese) bakery, Taipan Bakery is a good choice with some relatively unique options.

Score: 6.2/10


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