Restaurant Review: Singas Famous Pizza

Details: Located around New York City, though not in Manhattan. The official site is

Singas Pizza is a pizzeria that specializes in making ten inch pies that are made when you order. They don’t sell pizza by the slice. They also have sandwiches, pasta, and chicken wings, but it’s the pizza that you should get here.

They have a variety of toppings, pretty much everything you can get at most pizzerias in this price range. Pizza pies generally price from around seven to over ten dollars depending on what toppings you get. As for the chicken wings, pasta, and sandwiches, everything goes into the pizza oven for cooking and prices at around

The pies are good. There’s nothing unique about their recipe, but there’s something delicious about a freshly made pie versus a reheated slice. Additionally, the pizza pans they use to bake the pizza almost always guarantees a crispy pizza, which is nice. The sandwiches, pasta, and chicken wings are okay. I’ve tried them all and they weren’t great. If you feel like gambling, then you should those items. Otherwise, I’d just get the pizza.

Overall, a good place for pizza. It’s a nice to get a freshly made pizza once in a while versus the individual, reheated slices that you normally find in this city. The only downside is that you have to order a whole ten inch pie — which isn’t overly big — if you want try this pizza out.

Score: 6.8/10


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