TV Show Review: Sherlock, Season 4

Details: Three episodes that are each about an hour and a half long. Stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Mark Gatiss. Aired on the BBC.

I’ve read mixed reviews of this season of Sherlock. Some were good, some were very bad. I didn’t think this season was the best of the four, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

The season picks up where that last left off. The seemingly deceased Moriarty has broadcast a video of himself across Britain and Sherlock and the gang must prepare for whatever is to come.

Moriarty actually makes few appearances this season. I looked forward to seeing more of Andrew Scott and his character, but I guess the show runners decided to back away from that unfortunately. The season instead focuses on Watson and his family and Sherlock and his family. The most refreshingly classical episode was episode two, where we actually get to see a crime solved that is unrelated to Sherlock or Watson and we get to see Sherlock be a smart ass. For the detractors of this season, I think more of what we see in episode two is what they would have wanted. Instead, we get family drama.

Overall, I enjoyed this season as I’ve enjoyed all the seasons of Sherlock. I suppose it’s mostly because I don’t watch too many shows in this setting and with this tone. If this is not the final season of Sherlock, I would like to see more of the classic Sherlock formula of solving complex crimes and outsmarting bad guys. Either way, I think this season is worth a watch.

Score: 6.5/10


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