Movie Review: The Big Lebowski

Details: Released in 1998. About two hours long. Stars Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Julianne Moore. There is nudity.

I’ve been hearing about The Big Lebowski for a very long time. Anytime it’s brought up, all I hear is about how great it is. It was finally time to give the film a watch.

The movie is about a guy, named the Dude, who gets involved in a kidnapping and tries to manage the many parties involved in his own, laid back, stoner way.

It’s a standard stoner story that I wouldn’t be surprised to see produced by Seth Rogen, except he wasn’t really as popular back then nor did he play a part in this film. I can sort of see why people would obsess with this film. It gives off vibes similar to Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction in that it’s the kind of script I’d expect to see from a freshman in college who just took his first screen writing course. It’s a very scattered story that doesn’t try to establish a tangible tone, nor does it contain any subjects that require substantive research or knowledge beforehand. I looked up some internet message boards as to why this film is so beloved and I haven’t found anything convincing to change my opinion of the film. It was just an okay film that ranks somewhere on the same level as Pineapple Express does, in my opinion.

There are a lot of recognizable actors in this movie. It’s interesting to see them play these kooky roles versus the more serious work that audiences may be more familiar with. They were all right considering the subject matter of the film.

Overall, an okay movie. I think the real reason why people love this movie so much is for the following reasons:

  • Lots of people like drugs and alcohol and the kind of humor associated with stoner movies.
  • Lots of people falsely think of themselves as philosophical gurus and ascribe a lot of existential ideas to the film as well as overanalyze it.
  • Many people are middle-aged white men and they relate with the middle-aged white men who star in this movie.
  • Many people are/were young men who can relate with the crazy/blase attitudes the main characters have.

Unfortunately, none of these reasons applied to me in regards to this movie.

Score: 5.5/10


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