Restaurant Review: Bubba’s Smokehouse BBQ

Details: Located at 888 Prospect St, La Jolla, CA 92037. The official site is

So I traveled all the way to San Diego and I got some true, authentic, San Diego… barbecue? I’ll admit, this isn’t the south, but I was still glad to have come to this place for their barbecue.

I ordered the Bubba Combo Platter, which comes with three meat options with a side and cornbread for $16.99. I had the quarter rack pork ribs, single beef rib, and the chopped beef brisket with a side of macaroni and cheese. The ribs were good. They slid off the bone a little to easily which implies they were overcooked. I still enjoyed them. The chopped brisket was really good, really fatty, just the way I like it. The macaroni and cheese and cornbread were all right.

I like the environment they have here. It’s casual and kind of has a no-waiters-but-sort-of-has-waiters system. They don’t wait on you and you don’t have to tip, but they do bring the food and take your trays. I liked it very much and kept things relaxed and casual.

Also worth mentioning is that the barbecue sauce they have is kept WARM. My goodness does that help. A small thing, but one that definitely has a positive effect on taste.

Overall, I loved this place and would easily recommend it.

Score: 6.9/10


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