TV Show Review: Star Wars Rebels, Season 3

Details: Airs on Disney XD. Each episode is about twenty-two minutes long.

I just finished watching the finale and I think it’s safe to say that this season was the best season yet of a Star Wars animated show. The finale of season two stands out in my mind, but the rest of season two was not as good as that finale. A lot of the episodes in this season were great.

To me, there are two pillars of what make Star Wars great. The first are the fantasy elements of magical force powers and sword fights and going on a quest and meeting new people on your quest. The other element is the almost World War II style science fiction battles involving different classes of spaceships and fighters and infantry and drop ships.

While the earlier parts of the season had a lot of great Jedi mystical-natured stuff, the majority and finale of the season dealt more with the war aspect. There were lots of space and ground battles in the last two episodes, all of which culminated in bringing the Star Wars Rebels time period closer to the events of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.

Some things I loved about this season in bullet point form:

  • Loved seeing Obi-wan Kenobi. It was cool to see him be as powerful or more powerful than he used to be. It’s also cool to see him use a lightsaber with less spinning and twirling around.
  • Loved the teacher pupil relationship established in the Darksaber storyline. Very cool they did this. Also love what they did with Sabine this season.
  • While I loved the fantasy elements, the most boring parts of this show were the space battle and espionage stuff, which is unfortunately most of the season and of the entire series. They need to figure out how to raise tension and make these battles and spy vs. spy plot points more interesting. One way they could do that is to actually read a book about old war tactics and use them in the series… but the writers and producers may be too lazy for that.
  • I always suspected — but it was never confirmed — if Kanan and Hera were together romantically. Kana is a Jedi so he should be celibate, but he isn’t fully trained so who knows. A passing comment in the finale sort of confirmed that they were and likely always have been romantically involved.

Overall, a good season with a lot of high points throughout the season. A lot of the season and even the finale hint that events are getting closer to Star Wars: Episode IV and the possibility exists that events might take place in the same time period. If so, I’m really looking forward to that and to seeing how much latitude Disney will allow for the show’s characters to interact with film characters and events from the films.

Score: 7.5/10


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