TV Show Review: Legends of Tomorrow, Season 2

Details: Airs on the CW. Each episode is about an hour long including commercials. There are seventeen episodes in season two.

If your familiar with the series, there’s not much to say about this season. It’s more of the same from season one. This isn’t a bad thing, there’s just no evolution or improvements.

In this season, the crew continues their mission of protecting the time stream. This time, their enemies are not the Timelords, but the main bad guys that have been defeated or killed from the Arrow and Flash shows. They are looking for the Spear of Destiny, something that may be able to change reality.

As usual, they go on adventures through various time periods. It’s a fun show, kind of campy and not all that dramatic. If you approach it that way, it’s great. I do wish there were more at stake or some better character progression. Regardless, there were a lot of big events and special effects used which helped. This is a show about big, flashy explosions and action scenes, not thought provoking themes.

Overall, it was fun, but not deep. If you enjoy any of the CW superhero shows, then you’ll probably enjoy this.

Score: 6/10


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