Restaurant Review: John Brown Smokehouse

Details: Located at 10-43 44th Dr., Long Island City, NY 11101. Official site is

John Brown Smokehouse is a barbecue place that specializes in Kansas style barbecue. I looked it up to see what it means, but it really doesn’t matter to me. Good barbecue tastes good. That’s all I care about.

John Brown’s is located kind of in the middle of no where. It’s near some subway lines and next to a refueling station for trucks. The interior is warm and has enough seats for about thirty to forty is my guess. There’s a small bar in the back.

I ordered the three rib one meat platter, which comes with a side. If you order burnt ends as your meat choice, then they add two dollars on top. The ribs were pork and dry rather than sauced up. The burnt ends were really tender but not soggy like at Mighty Quinn’s, which is how I prefer it. I ordered the macaroni and cheese as a side which had a ton of pepper. More accurately, it was pepper accompanied with some macaroni and cheese. If you like pepper, you’ll probably enjoy it. There was barbecue sauce on the table, but it’s very mild. Not mild in terms of spiciness, but in overall taste, like in sweetness, tanginess, etc. In total, everything costs around $18.

Additionally, there are no waiters or tip here. You order at the front and then pick it up, fast food style. I prefer this over waiters actually. Cashier was nice.

Overall, an okay place to get barbecue. Better than Mighty Quinn’s in my opinion.

Score: 6.7/10


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