Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast

Details: Released in 2017. Over two hours long. Stars Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans.

There is a lot working in this movie and at the same time, there is a lot in this movie that doesn’t work. One of the biggest mistakes made here was similar to that of La La Land; they forsook musical talent in exchange for a name brand actress whose musical talents were insufficient.

Beauty and the Beast is a live action remake of the animated film that was released in 1991 of the same name. The story focuses on the romance between a prince who is cursed to look like a beast and a local girl he imprisons.

There’s a lot of problems with the story, but it’s not as if these plot beats weren’t odd back in the day either. The use of imprisonment to make a girl fall in love with you, the town’s cruelty to a girl who can read, it’s all pretty odd stuff. They made some slight changes and additional plot points and scenes, but overall, it’s still pretty much the same story as the 1991 animated movie.

The strongest part of this film is the visuals. The colors are bright and the sets very detailed. It’s almost as if you are watching an animated movie. Special effects are also great and add a lot to the movie.

The weakest part of the film is the music. More specifically, it’s the blatant use of auto-tune for Emma Watson’s voice. The use of auto-tune alone almost destroys the entirety of the first act. I wanted to walk out of the movie/turn it off. Luckily, act two and three of the movie have a lot less of Watson singing. I think they also use some auto-tune for Emma Thompson, but it was less blatant. Otherwise, the singing and the music weren’t too bad after that first act. All the actors did a pretty great job. There were even some additional songs, which weren’t necessary but weren’t bad either. I think the Luke Evans as Gaston did the best job.

Overall, I enjoyed the latter half of the movie and wanted to walk out during the first half of the movie. There are elements of the Beauty and the Beast story that I don’t like, but I understand why you can’t change a story that so many people are attached to. I would recommend this story to kids and people who are die-hard Beauty and the Beast fans. Otherwise, you can skip this movie.

Score: 6/10


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