TV Show Review: Lucifer, Seasons 1 and 2

Details: Started airing in 2015 on FOX. Two seasons with thirteen episodes in season one and eighteen episodes in season two. Each episode is about an hour-long, including commercials.

Lucifer is a show loosely based on the character of Lucifer first established in the renowned Sandman comic books. While very loosely based on those books, Lucifer the television show is actually kind of a mashup between Castle and Supernatural. It’s a police procedural with supernatural drama going on.

The basic premise is that Lucifer, the lord of hell, has quit his job and come to Earth and starts a night club in Los Angeles. He soon meets with a police detective and the two work together to solve crimes.

The show works on mostly two levels: the crime solving plot lines and the plot lines involving Lucifer, angels, and God. The dynamic of the crime solving plot lines are almost identical to those of the show Castle. Lucifer is a consultant to a very pretty homicide detective and uses his unique talents to help solve crimes. The main difference is that while Castle’s talents were as a writer of crime novels, Lucifer, being the devil, has the ability to manipulate people’s desires to a certain extent and make them do what he wants. Lucifer is also immortal and can’t be hurt… so there’s that.

The other plot lines in this story revolve around the supernatural or angelic aspects of the devil. Other angels and demons join the show and interact with Lucifer, introducing a number of conflicts and plot developments. Don’t expect some high-end dialogue however. It all plays out like a kind of family drama. The dialogue is kind of hammy and not majestic in any way, but I guess that’s kind of the charm of the show. It’s mostly a comedy anyway.

Overall, I like the show, but I don’t love it. It captures some of my attention, but I’m usually reading something else on the internet as I watch the episodes. If you enjoyed Castle or Supernatural, this may be a show that you will also enjoy.

Score: 6/10


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