Anime Review: K-On!, K-On!!, and K-On! Movie

Details: Started airing in 2009. There are currently two seasons, two OVA’s (original video animation) and a movie. The first season is thirteen episodes and the second season is about twenty-six episodes long. Episodes are about twenty-four minutes long and the movie is under two hours long.

K-On! is a slice of life anime with an emphasis on music. In reality, the emphasis on music is minor and the show focuses more on being a slice of life show with little drama, but a lot of comedy.

The story focuses on four — and later five — high school students at an all girls school that join the light music club and play music as a band. The plot follows their three years in high school through graduation.

While there are certainly music scenes and montages of them performing, the vast majority of this series consists of lighthearted gags and jokes. We basically just hang out with them each episode, like in a sitcom. The most dramatic and emotional moments involve the mile stones that students generally go through, like graduation and tests and that sort of thing. There are some feelings in the show, but it’s still mostly lighthearted fair. The humor isn’t bust you’re gut funny, but more like light chuckle funny. It’s a very relaxed, feel good series with little conflict. Also worth mentioning is that there is little to no fan service. This is just a series of five girls bonding and hanging out with each other.

There’s also some issues with the timing of the episodes. The order for viewing should be first season, first season OVA, second season, second season extra episodes and OVA, then the movie to finish the series.

Overall, it was a nice, lighthearted show that relived stress to watch. Not much drama here. Not too much focus on music either. Slice of life shows are supposed to be relatively stress and conflict free. This was certainly that and I enjoyed it.

Score: 6.8/10


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