Restaurant Review: Asian Station

Details: Located at 155 E 52nd St, New York, NY 10022. Official site is

Asian Station is the kind of Americanized Asian restaurant that someone with a vague inkling of what “Asian” food is would enjoy, designed largely for Western palates. If you actually have concept and appetite for authentic “Asian” food, this place is grotesque. However, if you do not, this place likely isn’t bad and serves a kind of food many would find appealing.

I’ve only ever eaten here for lunch. They have a lunch special which is just Americanized Chinese takeout. I got the General Tso’s chicken and the Pad Thai. Both were around ten dollars and pretty awful.

The interior looked comfortable enough. Interactions with the staff was always curt.

Overall, I don’t like this place and try to avoid if I can. I looked at the prices and other options for dinner… not great. This is essentially higher end takeout. It’s a restaurant that caters to Western customer in the way Chinese takeout does. It’s not authentic or really all that great. Calling it fusion is a kindness I think. I would never come here of my own volition unless there just wasn’t enough time during my lunch break to get something else.

Score: 4/10


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