Restaurant Review: New Asian Food

Details: Located at 140-13 Cherry Ave, Flushing, NY 11355.  The official site is

I was wandering around Flushing looking for some Indian food. I’ve already been to a few Indian places and I was looking for something new. In looking for something new, I stumbled upon New Asian Food.

New Asian Food is a vegetarian (not vegan, they have dairy) Indian restaurant. It mostly caters to the large number of Indian residents in Flushing. More specifically, the restaurant is situated to appeal to the large number of Indian, weekend temple goers.

There’s no place to sit here, it’s just a store front. It’s a small operation, though very busy on weekends. I will say the guy who works the register was very nice the times I’ve been and gave me a free samosa to try out. He also speaks fluent English, which helps as I do not speak any of India’s languages.

Prices are pretty cheap. They  have a platter where you can get three vegetarian dishes, rice and paratha (flat bread, less fluffy than roti) for five dollars. They also have kati rolls, but only on the weekend. Most individual items on the menu are three dollars or less. They also have Indian desserts, which I personally don’t like. The most popular thing I saw people ordering were samosas.

Overall, it’s a decent, cheap place to get cheap, vegetarian Indian food. It’s a very specific niche, but it does it well enough.

Score: 6/10


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