Restaurant Review: Double Zero

Details: Located at 65 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003. The official site is

Double Zero is a vegan pizza place located in the East Village. They have other things on the menu, but what they’re known for is the pizza.

I ordered the white pizza (roasted corn, garlic macadamia ricotta, maitake mushroom, baby kale) which cost around twenty dollars. They only sell personal sized pizzas. The pizza was pretty good. It was loaded up with garlic, which I like though I can see how some people wouldn’t.

The only issue I have is the same issue I have with all other vegan food; it’s really expensive for personal sized, vegetable pizza. Price is the metric by which I judge how good the food should be and the price here was pretty high for what they served. Common sense dictates that vegan food should be cheaper than it usually is since the ingredients are expensive, but the demand and scarcity of a good vegan place to eat out at in New York City inflates prices to unreasonable levels. Then again, the price of a pizza at a decent Italian restaurant probably costs around the same.

Overall, I enjoyed the place and — as an omnivore — I can recommend the place as a good compromise between vegans and non-vegans who are eating out.

Score: 6.9/10


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