Vegan Food Review: The Impossible Burger

Details: Had the Impossible Burger at the Bareburger at 366 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036. Official site is

There’s been a lot of hype for the Impossible Burger. Is it worth the hype? Sort of.

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Restaurant Review: Alley 41

Details: Located at 136-45 41st Ave, Flushing, NY 11355. Official site is

Alley 41 is a somewhat trendy Szechuan restaurant in Flushing. Szechuan is a region in China that mostly focuses on spicy food. Specifically, they have a lot of food that has that numbing type of spicy you get from a kind of peppercorn.

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Movie Review: Get Out

Details: Released in 2017. Directed and written by Jordan Peele. Stars Daniel KaluuyaAllison WilliamsBradley Whitford. About an hour and forty-four minutes long.

According to, this film is officially a film of the horror, mystery, and thriller genres. But what I think makes this film so unique is that it is also very much a dark comedy on race relations in America, specifically between blacks and whites who do not perceive themselves as racist. It is that comedic aspect that takes this film and raises it above most other thrillers in recent memory.

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TV Show Review: Jessica Jones, Season 2

Details: Aired on Netflix in 2018. Thirteen episodes with each at about fifty minutes long.

You know that feeling you get when you watch a horror movie and the characters keep doing stupid ass shit that is so stupid it kind of yanks you out of the experience. There’s a lot of that in season two of Jessica Jones. Jessica Jones is mostly entertaining. It’s just that the climactic moments can seem kind of ridiculous at times.

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Movie Review: The Greatest Showman

Details: Released in 2017. About an hour and forty-five minutes long. Stars Hugh JackmanMichelle WilliamsZac Efron. Songs by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.

If you look up The Greatest Showman on, you’ll find that it scored a 55% from critics while it scored an 89% from non-critic reviewers. And that’s a pretty accurate description of the movie. Technically speaking, The Greatest Showman is a mess. It’s got a flimsy plot and a nonsensical, historically inaccurate story. The segues from dialogue into music are often jarring. However, despite this movie being very fluffy and cheesy, in light of the divisiveness going right now in America, The Greatest Showman had exactly the kind of music, message, and themes that I needed to see. I enjoyed The Greatest Showman quite a bit.

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Movie Review: Coco

Details: Released in 2017. About an hour and forty-five minutes long. Stars Anthony GonzalezGael García BernalBenjamin Bratt.

I found the vast majority of Coco to be exceedingly predictable and yet, by the end of the movie, I could not help but shed a few tears. Coco is a great, emotional movie that belongs up there with the other great Pixar movies. Whatever secret ingredient it is that makes a Pixar movie great, Coco has it.

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Video Game Review: Super Mario Odyssey

Details: Released in 2017 by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. Spent over forty hours playing through the game. Played mostly using the Joy-Con Grip. Got all the moons except for three, because fuck jump rope/volleyball/bouncy races. I got a day job and I’m not a kid with summer vacation anymore. Ain’t no one got time for that repetitive shit.

The last Mario game I played before playing Super Mario Odyssey was Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64. That was over two decades ago. I really enjoyed that game and I came into Odyssey with high expectations. Super Mario Odyssey is a fun game. Unfortunately, it is an imperfect and often times a dated game that made clear to me that since Super Mario 64, I’ve gotten older and my tastes in video games have changed.

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