Food For Thought: What is a Country? A Look at the Structure of Power and How That Helps Us Predict What A Country Will Do Next

What is a country? At its core, a country is a large, organization of persons. Following that train of thought, the behavior of a group of persons mimics that of the persons in that group. What is a person then? A person is a selfish creature. A person is something that will pursue whatever it think is within its best interests, whatever it thinks it wants. Then what does a person want? That’s relatively simple. We’re all people so we can all attest to the things we want and, using that as a model, we can take a guess as to what it is other people want. Further, we can use that as an extension into what a whole country wants.

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Food For Thought: Laying A Foundation For Approaching Political Issues, A Goal-Oriented Approach

I’ve never discussed political issues before on this blog, not of any nature. Most of my opinions have been about objects of entertainment, like movies, TV shows, restaurants, etc. However, I’ve wanted to talk about these things very much and I am now going to give it a try. A lot of the issues I want to talk about are sensitive issues. I am aware that just speaking the names of these issues may make many upset, a lot like how Voldemort’s name should not be spoken in the Harry Potter books. With that in mind, I’m going to try to take an approach to these issues which may explain my thought process as well structure the discussion in a way that’s easy to digest and which may keep people calm and cool tempers.

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